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Pain Relief Reimagined

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Great for Sports Enthusiasts!

The Relief Sleeve is great for those who play high intensity sports, giving its wearer the Relief from post game ache that all athletes need!

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Relief Starts at Your Desk!

The Relief Sleeve is an excellent tool to provide a break from the constant arm pain of all day typing on a keyboard

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Shed the Burden of Constant pain

The Relief Sleeve was designed with multi-purpose use in mind, allowing the User to conquer their pain, where ever it might be!


Relief Starts with a Sleeve

Millions of Americans struggle every day with pain of some kind. Whether you are attempting to recover before the next big game, or just trying to relax your muscles after hours typing at a desk , the versatile and portable Relief Sleeve may be a solution!

About Lisa

Lisa Relief Sleeve

Since moving to Florida and becoming a licensed massage therapist in 2005, I have felt the pain of literally thousands of clients, and I have witnessed first-hand, the adverse effect even the slightest amount of pain can have on one’s well-being and quality of life. Whether it’s a bruised toe or bulging disk pain, pain hurts and distracts us from being able accomplish the things we want to do.
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